Wireless Portable Programmer

Wireless Portable Programmer

Wireless Portable Programmer

Model:  OBT-PP01

Browse:  2959


1.Brief Introduction

2. Main Function

2.1 Program Lock

2.1.1 Guest Room

Choose “standard room” or” suit room”, input room number click “ok”, then show handset to lock, this lock become specific room.

Issue a guest card from locking system to open door now.

2.1.2 Gate Lock

To program system passage lock, Choose corresponding passage name show to lock.

Hotel lobby: cards belong to the same locking system have access to this passage

Building passage: Input building number click ”ok” then show to lock, cards belong to same building have access to this passage

Floor passage: input floor name click “ok” then show

Hand set to lock, cards belong to the same floor have access to this passage.

2.1.3 Common Access

Meeting room: show handset to lock click ”ok”, then card has meeting room function can change meeting room statue, show card to lock, next time only need to shake handle you can enter into meeting room. Show guest card again to cancel normal open.

VIP room:

There are other 6VIP rooms for you to program.

2.1.4 Random Group

Input group number then show to all locks which gathered to one group. Then one group staff card can open the whole group rooms.

Eg: Input “1”, show handset to rooms in cleaning A, then staff “Group card” Cleaning A can open all rooms in Cleaning A.

2.2 Check Clock

2.2.1 Read Lock Clock

Show handset to lock, you will know the time in lock.

2.2.2 Update Clock

If you see the time become slow, you can show handset to lock, then lock time become the same with handset time.

2.3 Read Opening

Collect opening records from lock,show handset to lock after heard a long beep, click ”ok”. Opening records download succeed. You can collect at most 64 rooms’ information.

2.4 View record

Input room number, you will see the opening records. Can remember 210pcs records, new one will replace the oldest one over 210pcs

2.5 Open doors

The same function with master card. You can open any doors at any time.

2.6 Setting

2.6.1 Clock set

Set handset time the same with PC current time.

2.6.2 Import Password

Import password from locking system to handset.

1.Click” Password ” in locking system to view password.

2.Open the handset unit, go to ” 6.settings “-” OK “-” import password “you will see ”import….and press ok button”, stay here!

3. Put the handset unit on encoder and click “Export” in program. You will hear a short “Beep” from encoder.

4. Press “OK” in handset unit. Then you will see “import success ! “.

2.6.3 View Password

After export password to handset successfully, you will see handset and locking system have the same password.

3. Steps to program lock

1. Fulfill room information in locking system and import password to handset.

2. Define the lock from program lock with handset.(One lock has only one property that is one lock can only be one guest room or one common door, can not be both)

3. Issue guest card or staff card to open door from locking system.(For more info pls read CMifare Locking system usual manual)