Ertiqa Network communications is a broadly based Electronic Locks supplier and installer, and recently integrated the Smart Hotels Solutions, Low Current and Communication Solutions for hotels. Ertiqa Network communications based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We are active through The Kingdome of Saudi Arabia and our sole aim is to deliver products with the best quality and with the best services that can obtain our clients satisfaction and make them recommending us for our services.

Since hotels design is critical we start our services and recommendation to our client in early stages to avoid any disturbance of the work schedule of our clients. In addition to the Installation services we provide for the Electronic locks, Door plates, Smart hotel plates, CCTV, Wifi, Pabx, Satellite Chanels, Attendance and Departure System, and Communication services, we provide on-site supervision by our engineers to assure the best quality for our services, and to avoid any troubles to our clients that can be as a result of poor installation or programming.

Ertiqa Network communications has taken and still taking a pioneering role in the products and services we provide, and that is due to the quality of our products and the excellent services we provide to our clients